Having Alisha guide me through my pregnancy was one of the best choices I could have made. I had a medically complicated pregnancy and Alisha catered everything from phone check-ins to individual birthing classes to meet our specific needs. She single handedly made my actual birthing experience incredibly calm and positive. Having Alisha at our sides during such an emotional time made our birthing story so positive!
~S & M

Alisha was a calm and soothing support for us during the birth of our second son, during both the “boring” and “exciting” parts (the latter including his very swift arrival in the bathroom of a delivery suite at Sacred Heart).  Her presence and advice helped us weather a labor and birth that were almost entirely opposite the labor and birth of our first son, which would have been hard on us otherwise–we naively thought that we knew what we were getting into the second time.  If we were planning to have another baby, I couldn’t imagine the birth without Alisha. ~N & M

The overwhelming amount of childbirth information made our already-life-changing pregnancy a bit stressful.  Even the process of signing up for a childbirth class in Spokane involved lots of choices!  Thankfully, we settled on Alisha’s one-on-one class.  She helped us navigate through the pregnancy info overload, matching our values with information we needed.  We both felt relieved and empowered after the class – so much so that we asked Alisha to join us in the birth of our daughter as a doula, a decision we will never regret.  Thank you Alisha.  You will always hold a special place in our family’s heart. 

~S & L

My husband and I were lucky enough to have had Alisha as our doula as well as taking our childbirth classes from her. It was great using her for both because we could gear our classes specifically towards our situation, as well as build a much stronger bond and friendship with her.

Alisha was amazing when it came down to the big day. She was there to give me different pointers to be comfortable during contractions and was very supportive of my husband and encouraged him to help me in different ways.

When my little man finally entered the world, he had to go to the NICU for his breathing; my husband was able to go with our son, while Alisha stayed back with me. We were both so thankful that she was there to stay with me for comfort and support.

We are so very blessed and thankful to have had Alisha as a part of that journey and would not have had it any other way. She was so supportive and knowledgeable, and made the most important day of our lives a little less stressful.

~K & M

Both leading up to and following the birth of our daughter, my husband and I kept talking about how glad we were that we’d hired Alisha. And it’s something that we’re still talking about 6 months later! We immediately felt comfortable with her as soon as we met. The prenatal meetings were informative and helpful, and we really appreciated her understanding and flexibility with our crazy schedules.

My daughter was born two weeks overdue, and being able to talk to Alisha during those (long) last few weeks was incredibly calming and reassuring. Because of our previous talks, she knew that I had a fair amount of anxiety around medical testing and procedures, and she was a very supportive and empowering person to talk to as we dealt with some additional tests and decisions during the last few weeks.

When it came time to give birth, she was a fabulous doula to have by my side while laboring at home and at the birth center. She came as soon as we thought we needed her, and stayed with us throughout the night and into the next morning. While I had a very positive birth experience, it’s fair to say that it was somewhat overwhelming. I can’t imagine going through that with only me and my husband, and remain very grateful for the support and care that Alisha provided.

She’s also been known to bring the world’s best homemade muffins on post-partum visits, if that influences your decision at all 🙂

~R & S

Hey You! What is this doula thing all about? Let me tell you, it’s the best money you can spend. Here are some thoughts that may be running through your head.

1. Why do I need another person at the birth of my child? Your doula is the only one in that room that is only concerned about you and baby. She helps you advocate for yourself even if you don’t know the questions or concerns to bring up to your doctor. She will help to make sure you fully understand the decisions presented and therefore consequences.

2. What is the most beneficial part of having a doula? It’s all the things that are not covered by the docs. Here is a list: prenatal visits about how you want your birth to go, constant attention at the birth (which can be a long process), postpartum visits – this is what was worth its weight in gold. Why do you ask? There is a lot of attention pre baby, but the real work starts after.

3. For the husband (or partner) – Birth is an incredibly hectic and frantic time, and no matter how many classes you take it’s a whirlwind of emotion and confusion. As a to be father, having Alisha there to help guide, calm, and honestly give you a rest when you need one also was invaluable.

To sum it all up – we had the very best doula and we want to share our experience with you.

~The M Family

I had the un-medicated hospital birth I’d been planning and Alisha helped tremendously. This was our first baby and my husband was very hesitant on the whole idea of a doula, he wanted to make sure he would still be a part of the birth process too, and that he was! Alisha has a great sense of humor and from the moment you meet her you know she has a gentle soul. We knew she was the one right away. My water broke early in the morning the day I went into labor, Alisha was in contact with us regularly throughout the day. It took a while for my contractions to pick up, but with some WONDERFUL tips from Alisha over the phone they picked up in no time. Once I was in active labor she arrived to the hospital right away. I stayed walking and moving up until the point of pushing. She helped with counter pressure on my back while my husband kept cool towels on my head and they went back and forth holding my legs. My husband was so thrilled to have her there, he says it took the pressure off him and gave him direction in ways he could productively help me without feeling stressed in anyway. The atmosphere in the delivery room was very light and relaxing. The delivery of our little girl went beautifully, however, I wish I could say the same for my placenta. About 15 minutes postpartum I began to hemorrhage. My husband held our baby while Alisha held me through the grueling (total understatement) pain of having my placenta manually removed. If Alisha hadn’t been there I would have be alone on the bed. I can’t even imagine…SO incredibly thankful we hired her. Needless to say, we are already planning to hire Alisha for our next birth.


Having the support of a doula was a way for us to experience our pregnancy and birth the way that we wanted, feeling completely supported and empowered throughout the process.

I am grateful that we connected early on in my pregnancy as she was such a great resource the entire way.

Alisha was able to connect us with many other outstanding pre and post natal resources (such as lactation specialists, acupuncture, and support groups) that really helped us in the preparation for birth and beyond.

Alisha’s support during the labor process was outstanding. She made suggestions on different laboring positions, helped me stay focused, gave me confidence and even held my hand, and a cold compress on me during contractions. During labor, there was something powerful about having the support of another woman in the room who has been through this before herself, has extensive knowledge about the process and understands exactly what you want for your birth experience.

She was very professional and courteous with the hospital staff, and fit right in!

She was always there for me when I needed to reach out to her to discuss anything related to what we were going through.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alisha and her family as a client for several years before the birth of our Daughter; I already knew that she is one the most genuine, sincere and caring Individuals that I know. What I didn’t know however, is how thorough, professional and flat-out Amazing she would be for us as a Client of hers and “3 Little Birds Birth Services”.

As a Doula, I was very pleased that Alisha never had an Agenda or Motive that we were being pushed to. We had several Pre and Post Delivery appointments, she took the time to understand what we wanted our Birth Experience to be like and then supplied us with the information and confidence that ultimately prepared us to make great decisions both before, during, and after our daughter’s birth.

During Delivery, it seemed that virtually nothing was quite turning out the way we had hoped and planned, but together with Alisha’s support and training, we were able to make adjustments and were prepared with a back-up plan. We knew what our options were ahead of time in case “X” happened and she was always available to us to offer sound advice in a world of misinformation.

I think back now to the whole experience, and though there were challenges and changes to “The Plan”, today I wouldn’t change a thing and have an incredibly positive memory of our baby’s birth. Originally, I was really on the fence in regard to whether or not we really even needed a Doula to begin with; Trust me, you do! Get an advocate, get someone who knows what they’re doing, get Alisha Gessner.


When I first met Alisha from 3 Little Birds Birth Services, I had absolutely no basis for appraising a doula. I was open to the idea of having a doula, but was not sure exactly what they did, let alone how to spot a good one. Despite my generally skeptical nature and my lack of understanding of the world of birthing, I found myself gleefully digging cash out of my wallet to secure Alisha’s services at the end of that introductory meeting. She didn’t ask us to pay a down payment right then, I just knew instinctively from that initial conversation that I had to have her on my team, even though I was not fully sure why. As I got to see Alisha act as a doula in the coming weeks, I came to fully understand why I was so initially certain of her value. Of course I found that Alisha has the knowledge, experience and training to be an effective birth partner. But what really set her apart, especially in the moment of truth, was her calmness, joy and confidence in the face of any birthing challenge.

In the visits before the birth, she conveyed in a relatively short amount of time, much of what my wife and I needed to know about having our first child. Not only did she work with my wife to suit her birth plan, she encouraged her and helped her fully express her desires and transmit them to the hospital staff. In formulating this birth plan, my wife had many questions to which Alisha offered balanced perspectives, information and wisdom that my wife needed to make educated decision about unpredictable events. For me, she offered similar help, often in the form of practical ideas to make my own experience as comfortable as possible.

When my wife was informed that her labor needed to be induced to prevent possible complications, she was distraught. Her wish to experience a natural labor was now in jeopardy. Alisha helped my wife to process this turn of events, come to terms with it and to relax about the outcome. Alisha never sugarcoats the hard things about the process of giving birth, yet she has a way of helping you embrace reality in a manner that helps you feel empowered to meet any challenge. I know that this was key in helping my wife relax and go into the induction with an open mind. I believe that this relaxation played a large part in my wife going into labor before being fully induced. For that we were all very thankful. Alisha then got a call from me at 3am, and just moments later it seemed, there she was at the hospital, striding into the battlefield, ready to doula.

As things heated up, I was sleep-deprived and in a state of uncertainty. There was my wife, groaning in pain, and I was powerless to make it stop. I had known this was coming and had prepared myself as best I could. But believe me, when you or your wife goes into labor, she goes into a different headspace. She isn’t able to communicate her needs like usual. And because she is experiencing something we will never be able to fully understand as men, we are very limited in our ability to guess what she needs most moment-by-moment. I am not squeamish and I was able to calmly deal with seeing my wife in so much pain. Still, it killed me not really knowing what to do, or just how to help. There were times where I felt totally useless in the process and wanted to just get out of the way. In those moments, Alisha offered ideas on what I could do to help my wife, even if it was just getting her a drink or holding her hand. I was so much more of a benefit to my wife during the process because of Alisha’s guidance.

As labor continued and my wife was being given directions by the nurses, especially the much-beloved “I know you want to push, but don’t push yet”, Alisha helped translate these messages for my wife. I didn’t fully comprehend how helpful this was at the time. After the birth, however, I learned that my wife hadn’t really heard anything the nurses had said. The only voices she remembered hearing were Alisha’s and my own. In the end, as my wife bore down and pushed that baby out, I was on her right and Alisha on her left, brushing her hair out of her face, helping hold her tired legs up, and speaking words of direction and encouragement. In that moment, like many others, when I wanted to be helpful, but didn’t know quite how, or didn’t want to say the wrong thing, I listened to how Alisha spoke to and encouraged my wife and I took my cues from there. After the birth, when my wife genuinely thanked me for how much of a help I was, all I could think of was how thankful I was to Alisha for helping me make my wife feel properly cared for.

In the end, for you fellas considering all this birthing stuff, you need a doula like Alisha because your wife needs you, but you lack much of what she needs in those intense moments. If you have already experienced a birth, then you know the truth in my words. When things were their most intense, I looked over at Alisha and saw at several points that she was smiling! Maybe it was the giant spotlight behind her, but to me she appeared like a real life angel, standing over my wife, helping to guide a new little life through her and into the world. You could tell Alisha felt lucky to be in that room at that time.

My wife had a fairly quick and uncomplicated birth, but I wouldn’t do it again without Alisha even if it were always that straight forward. God forbid things had ever gotten complicated! I would definitely want Alisha there at 5am, when I was fatigued or scared and couldn’t think straight. When I may have to make decisions or advocate for my wife or her wishes because she can’t, I would want to be able to ask Alisha what the doctors are talking about doing. I may even need someone there to tell me its ok to tell the medical professionals “no” according to my wife’s birth plan. As much as I thank the nurses and midwife for their knowledge and professionalism, let’s face it, modern medicine is infected with a business side that can prompt the supposed “need” for costly interventions. I hired Alisha to help me navigate the fine line between true necessity and my wife’s wishes, and will do so again.

I wrote this testimonial from a thankful heart for Alisha’s services. I also write for you, the possible client, to honestly inform you of my experiences and perspectives. While the decision to chose a doula is always a personal one, I strongly encourage you to consider Alisha and 3 Little Birds Birth Services. Her unique blend of experience, wisdom, confidence and humor will make a huge impact on this once-in-a-lifetime event. I cannot give a higher recommendation. Thank you, Alisha, for being our doula.

~John Oakes

At first, I wasn’t sure I would need or want a doula. I met with Alisha and was so comfortable with her and the information she provided that we decided to hire her. The decision to have Alisha as my doula turned out to be just as important as our decision in choosing our medical provider. Alisha met with us twice before my due date and that helped decrease my anxiety and increase my feelings of self-empowerment. Alisha’s presence in the birthing room was so important and felt so essential that I can’t imagine going through another birth without her there. We were able to safely follow my birth plan – even with our doctor’s prompting to do otherwise. Because of Alisha’s support, my husband was able to participate with the process far more than he thought he would be able to. Just as important were her follow up visits. I was able to ask her questions I didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone else. I saw Alisha much more than I was able to see my medical provider. I was fortunate enough to have a very positive birth experience and Alisha played a very large role in that.


My wife and I were comfortable with Alisha from the first meeting we had with her. She was an essential part of our pregnancy and birth. It was very comforting to be able to discuss anything about the pregnancy and birthing process with her. Many times she provided alternates to traditional methods or made the traditional methods more understandable for us. During the birthing process, Alisha was an absolute necessity! I often faint at the site of blood, so having someone I could completely trust with my wife at all times was great. Having an extra person during the delivery who can keep a clear head, and keep your families best interest in mind, is totally worth it. Alisha is wonderful and we will never give birth without her!


We had no idea how important having a doula would be for the birth of our son. We quickly realized that working with Alisha was so much more than just having someone by our side. Alisha was fantastic from the beginning, helping us gain confidence in our plan as parents for our labor experience and preparing for the experience. I think that working with her helped us more effectively prepare for labor, which in turn helped make our labor enjoyable.

We cannot be grateful enough for her sense of humor, poise, emotional support, physical support (thanks for having my husband sit down when pushing got a little extra long!), and ability to help us stay in charge of our decisions throughout the labor and delivery process.

Alisha was also fantastic during the post-partum period, especially with establishing breastfeeding success, which we felt was so important. Thank you again Alisha for being a fantastic doula!

~L & N

Alisha, my Doula from 3 Little Birds Birth Services, was an absolutely vital part of my positive birth experience! I was in labor for almost two days before our precious daughter was born and Alisha was with us every step of the way. Alisha helped me to move into different positions that would ease my discomfort during contractions and included my husband in this process, too. “Slow dancing” with my husband during contractions was so beneficial and Alisha made sure we were in the correct positions so that I would be most comfortable and he would not get tired through our long labor. I never would have known to use these different positions if our Doula wasn’t with us. Alisha also helped me to relax my body during contractions and to use my breathing to aid in this process.

I can only assume that Alisha was exhausted from the constant attention she gave me (and my husband) during my marathon labor, but if she was I never knew. She was the pinnacle of professionalism throughout the process. Alisha also assisted me as I considered the interventions I eventually needed to help my labor progress. Alisha really put my mind at ease during my labor, which was a very unpredictable, emotional, and tiring (though joyous!) event.

I also liked meeting with Alisha for our Postpartum sessions. Especially since this was my first birth, it helped to debrief about my birth experience and to ask a few “is this normal?!” questions about breastfeeding and recovering from the labor and delivery process.

If you want to have the best birth experience possible, choose Alisha to be your birth Doula. You with be thrilled with her services!!!

~M. Happy client of 3 Little Birds Birth Services and proud mama!

My wife and I welcomed our beautiful daughter in April of 2012. Our Doula, Alisha, was with my wife and I for the entire birthing process (which was longer than expected). I found her support of my wife and I to be a huge benefit throughout this experience. Alisha was there to assist in comfort measures for my wife and even stand by while I ate or slept.

Alisha was a huge part of our positive birth experience and I wholeheartedly recommend her Doula services to anyone preparing for the journey of child birth.

~N. Client and new dad

The best decision we made for our birth was hiring a doula. Not just for myself but for my husband as well. We all know births don’t always go according to plan and it is always good to be educated and prepared for anything. Alisha is an amazing doula and made such a difference in our birth experience. She was such a support and resource to me, my husband, and my daughter. Alisha knew exactly what to do and how to help us navigate each phase, including pre and post baby. During our induction Alisha kept us informed and gave us all the options and knowledge we needed during such a process. She endured 40 hard hours of labor and kept us focused and encouraged. She worked through techniques we had practiced for comfort during contractions and even some time for good laughs in between.

Thank you Alisha for being a part of our birth, you will always be included in the story and our son will know your part in his beginning.

Alisha is passionate about being a doula and is very dedicated to her clients.

Two things everyone should know:

Doulas are for Daddies, Fathers need support and need to know how to support Mothers through the process.

Your Doula is definitely worth the Moola, it is investment for your family as a whole.