Childbirth Classes

What type of birth are you planning? Home or hospital? Cesarean or vaginal? Medicated or unmedicated? Attended by a midwife or an OB? Whatever your plans, I adapt your childbirth class to your desires and plans for your birth. I do not teach any specific birthing style, and I tailor my curriculum to fit your needs, questions, and preferences.

Arranged Around Your Schedule

You can personally schedule a class with me that fits your needs. I understand the hectic life of busy families, and evenings and weekends are an option!

Power Day – one 6–7 hour class in one day
Pick a day of the week or weekend that works for you and let’s power through together!

2 Days – 3-3.5 hours each day for two days
Back to back weekends or weeknights work great for these classes!

Please contact me for any questions or concerns regarding the content of these classes.

My Fee $275.00
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In Their Words

What my clients are saying about my childbirth classes.

We felt incredibly informed and very supported. Nothing about what was taught scared us or made us uncomfortable but at the same time Alisha provided us with the reality of what is to come, so thank you! We would recommend Alisha to any first time families! ~E & J

I came across the 3 little Birds website in search of birth classes. We were immediately drawn in. Alisha came out to our house, which worked great for me as our baby was causing me lots of hip pain. She was so sweet and patient. Alisha worked with us to find a good approach to have a less stressful pregnancy. Thank you Alisha!
~The S Family

My husband and I were lucky enough to have had Alisha as our doula as well as taking our childbirth classes from her. It was great using her for both because we could gear our classes specifically towards our situation, as well as build a much stronger bond and friendship with her.

Alisha was amazing when it came down to the big day. She was there to give me different pointers to be comfortable during contractions and was very supportive of my husband and encouraged him to help me in different ways.

When my little man finally entered the world, he had to go to the NICU for his breathing; my husband was able to go with our son, while Alisha stayed back with me. We were both so thankful that she was there to stay with me for comfort and support.

We are so very blessed and thankful to have had Alisha as a part of that journey and would not have had it any other way. She was so supportive and knowledgeable, and made the most important day of our lives a little less stressful. ~K & M

The overwhelming amount of childbirth information made our already-life-changing pregnancy a bit stressful.  Even the process of signing up for a childbirth class in Spokane involved lots of choices!  Thankfully, we settled on Alisha’s one-on-one class.  She helped us navigate through the pregnancy info overload, matching our values with information we needed.  We both felt relieved and empowered after the class – so much so that we asked Alisha to join us in the birth of our daughter as a doula, a decision we will never regret.  Thank you Alisha.  You will always hold a special place in our family’s heart. ~S & L